Enhancing Students’ Understanding of Media Practices using Curated Video Playlists – A Digital Partners Project

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash
Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

A Digital Partners Action Research Project


Nottingham Trent University has recently invested in the Lynda.com video-based learning platform. This resource houses a large number of short online courses to support development of a range of technology and creative skills. This action research project focuses on our undergraduate Media Practices students and their practical skills requirements relevant to assessment outcomes. Generating custom playlists of resources from Lynda.com and displaying them in specific NOW Learning Rooms will provide access to high quality and relevant resources that demonstrate practical techniques.

In collaboration with Russell Murray from the Media team, this project will work with 3rd year students as they work towards their dissertation projects, to generate the playlists and evaluate the impact of using these in relation to skill development.

Project Team

Russell Murray

Russell Murray: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Media, School of Arts & Humanities

David Jeckells: Learning Technologies Manager, Learning and Teaching Support Unit, School of Arts and Humanities.

The Plan

Before generating the playlists, a series of small group discussions and short surveys will be used to ascertain students’ requirements of the online video support resources. We will generate several playlists supporting various degrees of capability and progression for students, then gather feedback on these choices and impact of the videos on student skills development during and post-delivery of the resources playlists.

Outcomes & Dissemination

By the provision of additional and focused support resources our aim is to increase student understanding of key practical techniques and increase their ability for self-directed learning. We will be sharing findings and providing practical support to other Media staff to increase their use and ownership of personal and curated Lynda playlists for their students.

David JeckellsDavid Jeckells
Learning Technologies Manager – Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU)
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University
david.jeckells@ntu.ac.uk MAE 013 | 0115 848 3896












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