NOW Dropbox Feedback – What DO students see?

A View from the Student’s Perspective of Dropbox Feedback and Turnitin Feedback Studio

Staff may be familiar with their own view, but it’s very difficult to visualise what a student sees when they revisit a Dropbox Folder submission to read feedback and access Turnitin Feedback Studio. These brief videos provide a glimpse of a student’s view of the Dropbox folder submission tool.

A Student view of Dropbox Folder Submission Feedback

Within the Dropbox tool, a typical student will see only the Folders and associated Files that they have submitted (they will not see a list of student names). Here, they can view their submitted files and view the Feedback, both textually within NOW (if it has been left) and as a downloadable file if it has been attached. From here, the student can also access their Turnitin Feedback Studio Report.


Accessing your Turnitin Feedback Studio Report

As long as you have given students access to the Originality Report, students will see a coloured “swatch” with a percentage of similarity match within Feedback Studio. Clicking on the Report “swatch” opens a new browser window and displays Turnitin Feedback Studio. The view and functionality students see is virtually the same as a staff view, with the exception of being able to add, or edit staff provided feedback.


David JeckellsDavid Jeckells
Learning Technologies Development Manager – Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU)
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University MAE 013 | 0115 848 3896

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