Are you content with your Content?

This post follows on from “Learning Rooms: edit, enrol and activate”, to help academics ensure that their Learning Room content is looking good for 201718. This time we focus on the production of content, with each of the four videos below looking at a particular aspect of content setup.

How content is structured

Well structured content appeals to users, making it easier to find the information they want. For this reason the School of Arts and Humanities uses a four Unit content structure for Module Learning Rooms. Here we show what this looks like, and how we suggest it should be used.

Length: 1 min 07 seconds.

How to use templated webpages

Templated, styled webpages provide a much more attractive, user-friendly experience to students using your Learning Rooms. We demonstrate how to take advantage of the features that our templated, styled pages offer to content authors in NOW.

Length: 2 minutes 51 seconds.

How to add new templated webpages

If you want to add new webpages to your Learning Room with the AAH styles ready to go, this video talks you through the step-by-step process of setting one up.

Length: 1 min 22 seconds.

Key things to check in your content

5 key things that sometimes get overlooked when content is being prepared for publication in a new NOW Learning Room.

Length: 1 min 31 seconds.


Top Tip: the videos below were created solely using Office Mix, which is a option in PowerPoint and available to all staff. We are happy to help if you would like to try using this approach for your students. Drop us an email or pop into the office MAE013 / DiCE SO4. 


For further help with learning room setup, remember that all staff in AAH have access to the AAH – Learning and Teaching Support Learning Room. You can also contact us on .

phil-pierce1Phillip Pierce
Learning Technologist
Primary lead for EMC and HLG x83897 MAE013 (Clifton)



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