Learning rooms: edit, enrol and activate

Welcome back to all our AaH academic colleagues! To help you get your NOW learning rooms up and running for student arrivals, we have created three short videos (1 minute each) to help with the key actions: Editing the welcome widget, enrolling staff and activating your learning room.

Top Tip: the videos below were created solely using Office Mix, which is a option in PowerPoint and available to all staff. We are happy to help if you would like to try using this approach for your students. Drop us an email aah.ltsu@ntu.ac.uk or pop into the office MAE013 / DiCE SO4. 

Edit the welcome widget in a NOW module Learning Room

The welcome widget is a key tool which shows summary information about your module: giving students a heads up to what they can expect. Watch this video to see how to update yours.

Length: 1 min.

Enrol staff in to a NOW Learning Room

Module Leaders! Learn how to add other members of your module teaching team to a Module learning room.

Length: 1 min.

Activating a NOW Learning Room

Students can’t see their learning room? Check that it’s been activated!

Length: 1 min.

Introduction to the new interface

For a general introduction to the new interface in NOW,  Central Services have produced this video that will play automatically, the first time that you log on to the new-look NOW.

For further help with learning room setup, remember that all staff in AAH have access to the AAH – Learning and Teaching Support Learning Room. You can also contact us on aah.ltsu@ntu.ac.uk .

phil-pierce1Phillip Pierce
Learning Technologist
Primary lead for EMC and HLG
phillip.pierce@ntu.ac.uk x83897 MAE013 (Clifton)

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